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ETNANomics is Back!!!

August 5, 2012

After totally abandoning the blog the last few months, I’m going to start posting again. Trying to finish up stuff in Greece and arrange the move to Australia was just way too much. It would have all worked out if US immigration had not lost my passport.  And it still would have all been good if DHL had not lost my RNA samples and a TruSeq RNA kit. Apart from the move, I have been doing mostly data analysis the last months and I just never really think of anything too innovative or that interesting that I am doing on the bioinformatics side. When it comes to data analysis I am mostly the guy asking the stupid questions. I like to think of bioinformatics as BIOinformatics with a big emphasis on the bio side of it and not try to push too much on the technical side.

And here’s a shameless plug for where I’ll be calling home for a while, i.e. the Ryan Lister Lab at the University of Western Australia Center for Plant Energy Biology.  If you are smart, creative and not too big of a jerk there is empty bench space and every piece of equipment in the lab is brand spanking new.

And here is a little photo from my scientific past.  I found it hanging on the wall in the office of my undergraduate advisor, Manny Ares at UCSC. Click on his name if you want to learn more about splicing or how the waves are in Santa Cruz.  One of my best gels ever, so I was stoked to see it was still alive.  For those interested, it is a 2-D denaturing (urea) acrylamide gel showing that our inside out group I intron RNA cyclase was indeed producing non-linear RNA (Ford and Ares 1994).  And yes that is a Tom Cech autographed Group I intron at the top above my head.  That’s some good stuff.


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