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Homemade AMPure XP beads

August 5, 2012

Certainly not my protocol and the guy that wrote it says it certainly isn’t his either. But it’s about time someone put this together and we could start saving a lot of money.

Anyway, the protocol was nicely written in plain English by these guys (thanks!!!!):

B. Faircloth & T. Glenn, November 19, 2011, Ecol. and Evol. Biology, Univ. of California – Los Angeles

From this publication: Cost-effective, high-throughput DNA sequencing libraries for multiplexed target capture

Which of course came from some previous publications..see the protocol.  It is here: Homemade AMPure XP beads


And a big thanks from the community to the above contributors!!!!!


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  1. Dave permalink

    Going to try this out in the next week or two. Since my RNA-Seq experiments are ramping up, the cost of the Ampure XP beads is ridiculous. This should save a ton of money. Thanks!

  2. Just wanted to report that the protocol worked PERFECTLY!!!! What a huge cost saving. Cheers.

  3. Similar protocol with similar beads for dye terminator removal:
    Carboxylate modified magnetic beads.

    • ethanomics permalink

      That’s kind of cool. They’re using 5M NaCl to precipitate/bind the DNA to the beads. I wonder how that effects purity and size selection.

  4. Matt permalink

    Any idea on whether the tween is absolutely necessary? It makes the whole thing soapy, which complicates liquid handling…

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